About Us

Old Europe is a traditional Bohemian/Bavarian specialty restaurant that offers a wide variety of delicatessens. When somebody mentions the

Bohemian/Bavarian cuisine, one immediately thinks about the wonderful dumplings and pastries. Speaking of dumplings, the Bohemian/Bavarian cuisine offers a wide variety such as sweet, piquant, stuffed, round or flat. But probably the most famous are the Bohemian dumplings that for once are not round but oblong and are cut into thick slices with a tight thread. A Bohemian chef would never use a knife to cut the dumplings. Bohemian dumplings are light and are served to meals with all kinds of different vegetable sauces, or roasted ducks, or even goulash. Sweet pastries such as ‚ÄúPalachinka” or Fillo dough Apple-strudel are rounding up the delightful experience

We hope that we are able to provide you with the experience of the Bohemian/ Bavarian hospitality and hope that you feel welcomed

because we are glad to have you here as our guest at Old Europe Bistro.

David Vaclav Vesely, Proprietor